Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to install openssl and openssh in AIX?

How to install openssl and openssh in AIX?

Here are the instructions to download and install openssh 5.0 

Please follow the steps below to remove current version of openssh and install the 5.0 version  ( make sure connected through telnet or on console): 

1. Make a copy current /etc/ssh directory 
# cp -r /etc/ssh /etc/ssh.backup 

2. Remove current version of openssh 
# installp -u openssh.* 

3. Remove all existing versions of openssl using smitty(installp as above)or even rpm 

# rpm -qa | grep -i ssl 
# rpm -e <openssl label> 


# installp -u openssl* 

4. Download latest version of openssl and openssh 

Please download and install latest OpenSSL 61ssl98m.tar.Z from: 


The latest OpenSSH openssh_5.4p1.tar.Z from: 

5. Install openssl and openssh 
Both openssl and openssh are installp images. 

Use smitty to install openssl first and then openssh. 

Here are the detailed installation instructions: 

a) Inside the directory where the installp images reside, run 'inutoc' to create table of content file 
# inutoc . 

b) Use this fast path to access smitty install menu: 
# smitty install_selectable_all 

- Enter the directory where the files reside and hit Return key 
- At the next screen, you are prompted for "software to install" 
-- Hit F4 key to display a list of files to install 
-- Select all relevant files and hit Return key 
-- Change "accept new license agreement" from no to yes 
-- Continue with install 

After a successful installation of openssh, the sshd daemon will be active and you will have a working ssh server.